Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot Girls-Babes Daily: December 15, 2011

Hot Girls-Babes Daily

Welcome to Hot Girls-Babes Daily. Today, A woman who is so nicely tanned, you're annoyed that she's wearing such a white top... Hmmmm... Could you do something about that, honey?

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Joke Of The Day

Matt Braunger: Dove Made of Rainbows
When a woman has an orgasm, it's like a dove made of rainbows came into the room. It's awesome. Even other women are like, 'Aw, she's having a nice time; that's cool.' When a guy has an orgasm, it's like the devil himself tore off his own face and snakes are pouring out of his red skull. Like, no matter how smooth your love making technique as a man is, eventually, you're going to be Jerry Lewis getting electrocuted.

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