Friday, December 2, 2011

Submit Hot Girls And Babes Pictures And Videos

Send us what you like
We are always looking for what you like when it comes to hot girls and babes. Submit your favorites, and we'll offer you a bonus.

Here are the guidelines for submissions:
  • You can submit pictures or videos of anything. However, nudity will not be published. You can come close, but no nipples or vaginas. 
  • The girl or girls have to be hot - we are the sole judges of what is hot and what is not. Sorry, if your picture or video does not get published. We get lots of them and we pick the best. 
  • If you have a website, we will add the link to your site and any contact information you want to provide to the post with your picture or video. We will not publish links that go to sites with nudity, hateful or offensive material. 
  • We assume you have the rights to the picture or video you are submitting. If there are any URL's, names of photographers, etc., we will not publish the picture; unless you are the photographer and you provide us a link to your website and include business information. Please specify what you want published in the post (website only, or website and contact info, etc).
  • Only one link per picture or video per person every 60 days.

Submit pictures (.jpg, .gif. jpeg, .png) any size to:

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